Home Businesses Tips For Moms

If you a stay-at-home mom who is considering starting a home business? It is always nice to have a way to bring in an income even though you have to stay home with the kids. However, it can be challenging figuring out what to do when you want to work from home. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Child Care

You are staying at home taking care of your own children anyway, so why not add a few more kids and make some money while you’re at it? You need to be careful that you learn about all the local regulations governing in-home day cares, but this can become an enjoyable source of work-at-home income for you while providing your kids some playmates.

Virtual Assistant

There are always entrepreneurs who are looking for someone to do home office work for them from home. You can offer your services as a virtual assistant to help out with a busy person’s administrative, marketing and technical tasks.

Social Media Expert

This job is ideal for the work from home mom. You will set up pages for businesses on social media sites. You will then update these sites daily, every other day, weekly or however the business wishes for you to do it. They will communicate with you via phone or email.

Build Websites

You can build websites for businesses. Many businesses pay big money to have someone build them a website. You can easily learn to do this in your spare time and make some money.


Many people are finding they can earn an extra income simply by writing about things they love on the Internet. You can start a blog about fashion or food, and add affiliate marketing and advertising links to your page. As your blog gains more interest, your passive income will increase.


No doubt there is some skill you are really good at that someone else needs help with. You can market this ability by working as a freelance in the field. There are online sites that let you hook up with requesters to do transcribing, web design, or any other work you can provide. You can also advertise locally or put up flyers at a nearby college.

Online Surveys
The idea of online survey is that you will be given a survey that has to be completed by you to earn money. This survey is conducted by companies who are observing the community to discover the best way to market their product or services. The amount of money you can earn per survey depends on the importance or the length of survey. Some survey companies don’t reward you with money. Instead, they giving you prizes/gifts or entering you to a lucky draw.


Mentor teen moms. Teach them how to be a good mom. There are many programs looking for good mom role models to do this sort of thing.


If you’re good in a specific subject you might be a great tutor. Leave your card with local home schooling associations, school districts, colleges, libraries and the like. You may find you have more business than you know what to do with.

Online Store

Are you crafty? Do you have some type of product that you make and could sell online? You might want to consider opening an online marketplace to sell your items to the public. It is not that difficult to set up a site, and sometimes you can get the site and hosting for free or less than $10 a month. Spread the word on social networking sites, and visitors will come to check out and buy your crafts.

Share Your Creativity

If you have a particular knack for home decorating or organizing, perhaps you can market those services to others. You have natural talents that you have honed, so why not turn them into a business? Teach others to cook or reorganize their kitchens for them. You will be very popular providing these types of services, and word-of-mouth can garner you new clients.

Working from home is an ideal solution for mothers who want to spend most of their time with their children. There are lots of creative ways to start a home business if you just use a little imagination and initiative. Assess your skills and abilities, and look at what various websites have to offer. No doubt, you will find there are several avenues you can pursue to establish your own home business.

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