Extra Income With ClickBank

What is ClickBank?

If you’re a “newbie” or newcomer to internet marketing, you may not have heard about Clickbank. Clickbank is a company where you can become an “affiliate” and promote over 10,000 products that other people have created. You can also create your own product and promote it through Clickbank. These products are usually “ebooks” or electronic books, videos and audios that you can download or access instantly through your computer. This type of commerce is enormous these days, and practically everyone who is trying to make money online is interested in using Clickbank. There are other “affiliate marketing” websites, but Clickbank is one of the most popular.

Clickbank gives owners the chance to sell a variety of digital products, such as computer software and ebooks

Their marketplace includes products in a wide range of categories, from making money on the internet, to home improvement, hobbies, sports, and just about any other how to product you can think of. Clickbank is also a payment processor that makes finishing transactions very easy.

Hoe to make money with click bank? 

There are two main ways to make money using Clickbank. The first way is to create your own products and list them. The second way is to promote other people’s products while taking a commission from each sale. Commission rates  are normally  50% to 75%.

If you a product developer,  you simply create an account with Clickbank and then Clickbank will manage all your business for you without ever having to worry about a thing. But because most people are not developers the best and the easiest way is to promote other vendor’s products/

How to  Promote Clickbank products

To promote Clickbank products you simply create an account and then go to the Clickbank Marketplace, browse through the various product offerings, find ones that interest you, and start promoting it. This is called affiliate marketing, and it is one of the most popular forms of making money via the net today.

First, establishing a presence with a Clickbank account is necessary. Signing up for an account takes little time and once this step is completed, you can begin the process of choosing a niche and product to market. The greatest advantage of having an account is the freedom to pick any topic, market the item, pocket the profits, and spend very little time with preparation and research.

After signing up and becoming a member, choosing a Clickbank product is the next step. Selecting a marketing and optimization plan to complement the product is the remaining step.

If you want to get free search engine traffic through SEO, you will definitely need to create your own website and landing page where the visitor will first come to; you will have a very hard getting just your affiliate page ranked, since it will be considered duplicate content. This is also a great method if you are planning on using pay per click, because Google utilizes something known as a quality score when analyzing the relevancy and importance of your website.

Making money with ClickBank is possible and easy. Some skilled promoters are making are 5 and 6 figure income from from Clickbank.The secret of making good money with ClickBank is to choose a niche and promote several products within the niche using all types of marketing methods

If you want to join an affiliate Clickbank make money program, there is a lot of money making opportunity available for you here. Here is a  small sample of the money making offers on click bank.

Make Money repairing repairing Batteries
Wood Profits
Get paid for your Opinions
Get Paid To take photos
Multiple Money Streams
Take Surveys


ClickBank is one of affiliate marketing networks that links product owners and publishers. It is  a company founded in 1988 and is based in the United States. There are an endless number of advantages to becoming a Clickbank affiliate and the potential for a greater share of the internet marketing pie is virtually unlimited.

Clickbank is generally considered to be the most popular vending resource for internet marketers who create informational products for a wide range of topics including computer training, health issues, finances, self improvement, and a countless array of subjects that span the entire spectrum of human innovation. Clickbank categorizes the many subjects and topics into a highly organized database that is user friendly and easy to search. Each affiliate has the option of selecting a particular member’s product and marketing it to a chosen segment of the internet community.

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